Current News- Cannabis Effects On the Heart- good read- be aware of mode of absorption/usage

a good read regarding cannabis and its’ effect on the heart.

I mention to the reader that the mode of absorption of THC and CBD is a definite influence on the effects on the heart.

The article did not stress this enough imo.

Good Read- Big Pharma and Opposition of Legal Cannabis- Greed/Opioids -Follow the Money

very good article about legal cannabis, greed, opioids and big pharma.

MUST READ- Cannabis Use Among Cancer Patients is Very Common

HUFF POST- Why You Think Weed Is Bad and Why You Are Wrong

good article for general public

CBD and Appetite- Post 2; Yes according to this article and NCI

this article says CBD does stimulate the appetite

my takeaway is that if CBD is used for a sick patient such as chronic pain or inflammation or anxiety , etc. that by helping the condition, then also the appetite will improve -all connected to homeostasis.

CBD Oil and Appetite- The Munchies- Yay or Nay– post 1

this is one of 2 posts about CBD use and appetite.