As you know, last years’ shocking new law stripping cannabis doctors of diagnosing autonomy and attempting to force a prescriptive model on physicians caused devastation in the world of Colorado medical Cannabis. We have a roll-back bill before the legislature now.  Unfortunately, big money anti-medical cannabis political action committees have killed the bill without a hearing for now. So, we need everyone emailing the Senate Health and Human Services Committee talking about impacts to you and your community.   Email addresses are listed below.

As you create your emails and testimony, please keep these things in mind. Here are Muffy’s letter to the Committee  CCC-Letter-Support-SB23-081 and Talking-Points-for-Doctors-SB23-081-2023
*Total purchase  limits set by previous legislation is not changed.  The only change allows a patient to treat their therapy like therapy and lets them purchase more than a couple days worth at a time.
*The new bill *Keeps the guard-rails on for 18-20 year old patients*. It does not increase access for healthy children.
*Over 14,000 patients lost access just last year, with 32% of patients under 17 losing therapy. (Dec 21-Dec 22 registry statistics)
*Liability to our physicians was increased so dramatically that we lost 28% of recommending physicians in 2022.
*Uniform Certification Form purchasing exemptions aren’t being honored by dispensaries confused by new rules.
Senate Health and Human Services Committee
SEND IN EMAILS! If we don’t stop the medical prohibition train now, medical cannabis will be gone in just a few years.
Bridget Seritt
Founder, ACTnow