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MJ for MDs Conference , November 14-16/2016- OVER BUT NOT FORGOTTEN BY A LONG SHOT

Hello Audience- The Marijuana for Medical Professionals ( MJ for MD’s) 2016 conference in Denver at the Westin Hotel ended this past Wednesday and was a roaring success.

The attendees were treated to excellent lectures and vendor/association booths. The lecturers covered many different topics including plant genetics and the endocannabinoid system, cannabis and pain psychology, cancer and cannabis research in Spain, a lecture from Trill Evolutions Dispensary, ongoing cannabis research and more and this was only a partial list of Day 1 subject matter.

Days 2 and 3 included Drs. Laura Borgelt speaking on cannabis use from birth to death with emphasis on pregnancy. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam spoke via Skype as did Dr. C. Bogner(day 3). Dr. Mechoulum lectured on cannabis and the future of drugs while Dr. Bogner addressed the controversial subject of cannabis and autism spectrum disorders. These days continued with the fast paced lecture schedule that included topics about cannabis and psychiatry, ongoing research, bone marrow transplants, polypharmacy and the elderly, and also included a panel discussion about  who should be advising the cannabis patients.

It should be noted that other highlight lectures were given by Drs. Donald Abrams (cancer), Deborah Malka ( cannabis as herbal medicine), Margaret Geddes (pediatric epilepsy), and Joe Cohen (immune system), Michelle Ross (ECS Deficiency) and Chris Shade ( liposomal preparations) to name a few. Martha Montemayor, CNC, (basic dosing and titration), and a group of individual nurses, Heather Manus, Marcie Cooper, Inbal Sikorin gave important talks on a variety of topics related to cannabis. There were other important speakers including medical cannabis patients that struck a chord with the audience.

This was a fine cannabis educational conference with fresh speakers and topics. There was an international flair to this conference that added to the vibe each day. The audience was engaged with the speakers, exhibitors and the networking was active. There was a well stocked book seller who did a brisk business as the attendees were hungry for cannabis information to take home.

A good time was had by all and the cannabis IQ of the attendees went up by at least 20 points though this is unofficial.

Thank you to Martha Montemayor, Sarara Corva and the entire staff who organized this conference and made it work each day. From this blogger’s view/opinion- I came, I listened and learned a lot  and for that I am grateful.

I look forward to the next  Marijuana for Medical Professionals conference, hopefully sooner than later. Please remember audience that a conference like this takes time and effort to arrange and assemble given the many moving parts and fluidity.


Hello Audience-there is an excellent cannabis conference going on NOW in Denver, CO at the Westin Hotel (downtown).

The speakers are fresh and covering a wide range of medical topics related to cannabis. Today , Monday, 11/14/16, there were talks that addressed cannabis and cancer, evidence based medicine and cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, ongoing research, dosing. Also included was a highly interesting lecture on the psychology of chronic pain/chronic illness and more by highly qualified people.

The event continues Tuesday and Wednesday , 11/15 and 11/16. Daily tickets are available. The speakers are strong and the vibe of the conference is friendly and collegial. The exhibitors are of top quality as well.

This is the place to be to learn about cannabis science and more.

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Cannabis and Prostate CA and Breast CA- PubMED,%20endo-%20and%20synthetic%20cannabinoids:%20promising%20chemotherapeutic%20agents%20in%20the%20treatment%20of%20breast%20and%20prostate%20carcinomas.